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RCF in Lagos State Ministry of Health SCD Awareness

On August 25 2022, The Richard Coker Foundation, in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Health, held an SCD Awareness Seminar at the Lagos State Skills Acquisition Centre, Aga, Ikorodu. The participants were lecturers and admin staff as well as students ranging in age from 15 to 50. Representing

RCF in End-Of-Year SCD Awareness Drive

  As the 2022 school year rolled to its inevitable conclusion, secondary schools in Lagos seemed to develop a hunger for sickle cell awareness for students. formal and informal invitations poured in, sometimes right in the middle of promotion exams to round up the school year. With so many schools

Richard Coker Foundation Season’s Greetings

Richard Coker Enahoro’s birthday celebration and remembrance event 2021

The Richard Coker Foundation is proud to continue the work supporting the eradication of #Sicklecell. A special Birthday Remembrance event was held in Lagos, May 2021 - Attending was Richard's mother Legendary Broadcaster Julie Coker and Cousin Baba Jallah Epega - please watch this film to see all of the

Radio Interview with Julie Coker

In the lead up to Richard Coker Enahoro 's birthday on 17th May - we have new media content with reference to his mother's book launch - Read Full Article here : Some call her the ‘Queen of the Tube’, others call her the television goddess. To another group of

Julie Coker Book Launch in Lagos

The Legendary Dame Julie Coker pictured with the BBC's Giles Peterson https://twitter.com/TheRCFoundation/status/1369952387855695872?s=20 WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO OF THE EVENT HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlGKZ6iqrd8 https://twitter.com/TheRCFoundation/status/1370061647210024966?s=20